Designer Spotlight: Netta BenShabu

Designer Spotlight: Netta BenShabu


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Here at Iconic Bride, we’re so proud of our curated collection of designers. We feature some of the most luxurious and unique collections in the bridal fashion industry. But today, we wanted to take some time to highlight a favorite of ours - Netta BenShabu. The timing couldn’t be better, because we’re actually featuring her designs at our Netta BenShabu Trunk Show from March 17-26! 


Here’s a little background on this incredible designer and some of her gowns you can find right here at Iconic Bride! 



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This prestigious couture fashion house was founded by Netta BenShabu and debuted in 2013. She’s an Israeli born designer whose affinity for fashion started when she was a little girl. She had dreams of creating women’s clothing that would mimic old Hollywood glamor, grace, and art. Netta’s dream revolved around creating something extraordinary and extravagant out of the ordinary, which is what we love about her brand. 




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With more than 25 high-end authorized retailers in major cities worldwide, Netta BenShabu Elite Couture fashion house is an American company with its roots in the U.S. and manufacturing in Israel.


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Featuring sculpting corset bodices, artful fabric slits, and dramatic textures, her bridal gowns radiate effortless, flirty romance. If you’re ready to become an Iconic Bride and want to find the perfect Netta BenShabu bridal gown for your wedding day, make sure you book your appointment between March 17-26 so we can help you find “the one!”